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Destinations and villa rentals in Pattaya today

Attractions and villas for rent in Pattaya, Thailand by casapoolvilla.com? Every major place in Thailand has tourist attractions including elephant. Some of these are really cruel, like those that offer you to ride on an elephant. So make…

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Spanish vacation homes

There are many things to see in Spain, here are a few of them … Antoni Gaudi took the architectural style known as Art Nouveau a step farther, even, some have argued, into absurdity. The fanciful and outrageous…

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Newstead Belmont Hills Changes Vacation Rental Game with Fractional Ownership

With 45 suites and studios located in a luxuriously appointed island resort, Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort and Spa is changing the way travelers book accommodations in Bermuda with a new concept they call fractional ownership. Far from…

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